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New Features

Schedules for Knowledge Sets and Applications

4.11 introduces the option to schedule caching of Knowledge Sets and Applications. A web interface allows system administrators to set up and monitor Schedules from the System Management page. This feature will be extremely useful for heavy Knowledge Sets and end user interactive solutions that are sensitive to loading times.

Tests indicate especially good results for heavy Knowledge sets, with up to a 20th of the original loadtime.

Response time of a 7million datapoints CSVfile

Read more about setting up caching in the system administrators documentation.  

New user access management interface

A new interface to handle faulty user logon restrictions have been introduced for easy monitoring and editing of user access rights. System administrators can access this page from the System Management tools in the inorigo workbench.

Read more about setting up user logon restrictions in the system administrators documentation.

New Connection-panel in Application Builder and Model Builder

We’ve improved the connection panels in model and application builder. For references; definitions, attribute names, and the classification structure through indenting is now also displayed. The new layout is applied for all connections panel in Model Builder and Application Builder. Read more about how these panels for connecting units, connecting components or building nested input panels.

New attribute property: Tooltip

A new attribute property have been introduced to hold tooltip information that’s presented to end users in input panels. Add the tooltip through model builder as an attribute property. Remember; just like all attribute values, the given value will be inherited through a classification structure.

New APIs




/entity/{type}/{id}/icon gets icon (the image)

/entity/{type}/{id}/icon gets icon (get ID)

Soap (legacy API) Support discontinued All SOAP endpoints and WSDL specifications have been removed from the server. Note that WADL files will still be available from the /services endpoint, as these are specifications for the REST services.

Knowledge Set

Two new APIs Text Search and Text Search Tree has been added. These are targeted at the Portal Solutions where users are allowed to filter the rows using a text filter.

A text search searches all columns known to contain text for occurrences of the search string using several weighted matching methods. Optionally columns containing identifiers are also searched.

Depending on the type of match each row is given a weight and the final result is then sorted on weight descending, i.e best matched rows are delivered first.

A “Fuzzy Pattern Match” can be enabled via parameter. The “Fuzzy Pattern Match” method means that a value is searched for an ordered combination of the letters in the search string.

This means that searching for “IRW” will find “Inorigo rules the world” but it will not find “The world of Inorigo rules” since the letters are in the wrong order.

Read more and try out the APIs from the web services documentation.

Improved Features

Improved readability for read-only fields in input panels

Resolved Issues

Fix Version(s) Key Summary
4.11.1 ID-4497 Remove sameSiteCookies parameter from inorigos context.xml file
4.11.0 ID-4473 Restricted user access to Model Builer
4.11.0 ID-4451 Calculation does not work in application
4.11.0 ID-4417 missing attribute/Varried by
4.11.0 ID-4410 Join References:  Definitions with no attributes visible
4.11.0 ID-4405 Wrong Data Type on Resources
4.11.0 ID-4402 Sysadmin Terminal – no update after open
4.11.0 ID-4378 Application Copy Bookmark wrong port
4.11.0 ID-4369 Chrome 80 samesite
4.11.0 ID-4345 INU – cannot rollback Resource as attribute
4.11.0 ID-4344 Reload Indication
4.11.0 ID-4283 Compact filter box selection – unselected is hard to read
4.11.0 ID-4278 References not visible from abstract definitions
4.11.0 ID-4220 A Lot of Empty References Appear
4.11.0 ID-3908 Insufficient Input Validation/Parsing – “Name”
4.11.0 ID-3907 Server Misconfiguration – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
4.11.0 ID-3472 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in the “username” Parameter (login/login.action)
4.11.0 ID-3470 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in the “graph” Parameter
4.11.0 ID-3469 Reflected Cross-Site Scripting in the “username” Parameter (logout/login.action)
4.11.0 ID-3447 Insufficient Anti-Automation – Login
4.11.0 ID-3446 Autocomplete for Password Field


Known Issues

no known issues

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